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This Section/Page does not apply to: Entry level Entertainers/Stand-Up Comedians/Professional Speakers/Entrepreneurial Product Marketers/Authors/Athletes/DJ's or Small Business Owners.

Laser Star is always looking to expand its roster of established: Comedians/Authors/Athletes/DJ's/Speakers/
Entertainers to offer our customers!

We are delighted that you are interested in establishing a working relationship with our company. We do not book public ticketed shows, only private events! In order to serve you best: Please follow our procedures:

Required Forms to Submit: Please Choose One (Please Scroll Down):

Prospective Client/Booking Inquiry Form: 
Questionnaire Artist/Author/Athlete/DJ/Entertainer: 
(For Comedians/Comediennes/Musical Acts or Other Entertainers) 
Questionnaire Speaker: Questionnaire


Complete the questionnaire below:

Mail the questionnaire along with requested promotional materials to the attention:  New Artist/Athlete/Speaker Submission. Please allow a minimum of two to three weeks before calling Laser Star Industries.Com. Laser Star Industries.Com does not return any promotional materials It is understood and agreed to that by sending  Laser Star Industries.Com promotional material you are giving  Laser Star expressed permission to publicize and promote artist/athlete/DJ/speaker in any manner it deems necessary, including but not limited to brochures, direct mail pieces and placement on any website controlled by  Laser Star Industries.Com. By sending promotional material I give permission for  Laser Star Industries.Com to edit the material in any manner it deems necessary. In submitting copyrighted material to  Laser Star to place on its website, artist/athlete/speaker warrants that all necessary permissions have been obtained and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Laser Star Industries.Com for all costs, expenses, attorney's fees and judgments resulting from any claim of copyright infringement. Laser Star Industries.Com looks forward to a long-term prosperous working relationship.

Dear Prospective Client:

In the Prospective Client Form below we require many questions to be answered in order to expedite your request.

First, I'm an industry professional with twenty-three years experience.

If other companies you are making an inquiry with aren't asking the same questions; they are not doing their job.

I want to make sure there are no surprises. Surprises are not conducive to a successful event.

Some Artists/Athletes/Speakers don't do weekends; some don't perform outside; some won't perform in the morning; some won't perform with other artists or certain genre of artists; some won't do a black tie affair, etc.

Please note, I really can't effectively assist you unless you can provide me with some type of realistic budget guidance. Let's not waste each other's time or the athlete/speakers/artist's time that cost $100,000.00!  If you only have $2,000.00 in your entertainment/speakers budget; I can still provide you with a great $2,000.00 talent. I represent many incredible, lesser priced artists/athlete/speakers as well as the celebrity super stars. Please check with the "powers that be" in your organization on a realistic budget perimeter prior to your inquiry.

If I have a fully completed Booking Inquiry Form, I can email the information upon receipt to the artist or speaker and have an answer for you when I return your call.

It may take an extra minute to fully complete the form; however, it will save you hours and multiple phone calls.

It expedites the entire booking process!

Thank you for your help in this matter!


Laser Star Industries.Com

General Booking Agent Information:

Booking agents are entitled to a cut of all of the proceeds from a live performance; ‬since that live performance wouldn't have happened without their help. That said, booking agents are not entitled to commissions or royalties from general record sales, songwriting or publishing [source:Salazar]. A band should never agree to sign over any of these rights to a booking agent.

In‭ ‬California, there are strict regulations concerning how money is handled by a booking agent. For example, it's common for a concert promoter to pay the band’s cut of the ticket sales to the booking agent rather than the artists directly. In this case, the booking agent is required by California law to keep the money in a separate trust account and pay the band their cut in less than 30 days, and even faster for union artists [source: Agent Association].

How much does a booking agent make‭?

Booking agents for bands work on a strict commission basis.‭ ‬So if an agent books a gig, he'll get a percentage of whatever the band makes for that show. Depending on the contract, the booking agent's cut could include a portion of ticket sales as well as any merchandise and CDs/DVDs sold at the show.

Booking agents for music artists ‬typically earn a percentage from each performance.

The typical booking agent commission for a band is between five and‭ ten ‬percent; although some agents will charge more for radio, TV and film appearances [source: Salazar]. The same agent might charge very different commissions for different types of clients. For a well-known client that regularly plays concerts in large venues with huge ticket and merchandise sales, the agent can charge a lower commission while still getting a big paycheck. For a lesser-known band, the agent might start off with a higher commission to guarantee some income until the band can fill bigger venues.

General Questions: 

Question:‭ ‬How much should I expect to spend on Comedians/Athletes/DJ's/Speakers?‬
‬Answer: ‭Comedian/Athlete/DJ/Speaker fees usually begin at‭ ‬$5,000.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬you must take into account the additional fee of traveling expenses/lodging.‭ ‬With that said,‭ ‬some of our Comedians/Athletes command up to‭ ‬$100,000‭ ‬or more for an appearance.‭ ‬Their fees are determined through an array of factors,‭ ‬such as:‭ ‬type of event‭ (‬non-profit/corporate‭)‬,‭ ‬travel, schedule of event‭ (‬how many hours the appearance will be‭)‬, availability and popularity at the time of the booking.‭ ‬Laser Star Industries.Com website Comedian fee quotes are a guideline of what to expect.‭ ‬The fees could be less,‭ ‬but are sometimes more.‭ ‬For the most accurate fee:‭ P‬lease contact a Laser Star Industries.Com representative.‭
‬ ‭
‬Question:‭ ‬Will I pay more for using a Talent Booking Agency/Speaker Bureau‭?‬
‬Answer: Absolutely not.‭ ‬In fact,‭ ‬you will save precious time and money using Laser Star Industries.Com.‭ ‬We have direct access to our Comedians‭' ‬personal representatives.‭ ‬Plus,‭ ‬you are free to use our expertise as you consult with us about your event.‭
‬ ‭
‬Question:‭ ‬What if a Comedian works exclusively with an agent‭?‬
‬Answer: If a Comedian does work exclusively with an agent,‭ ‬Laser Star Industries.Com will co-broker the deal with the comic's agency.‭ ‬This will not cost you anything additional.‭ ‬This is where Laser Star can save you time and money,‭ ‬as we've worked with many exclusive Comedians/Athletes/DJ's/Professional Speakers through the years.‭
‬ ‭
‬Question: ‭ ‬What happens after we choose Comedians/Athletes/DJ's/Speakers ‭? ‬What will Laser Star Industries.Com do for me‭?‬
‬Answer: After the Comedian/Athlete/DJ's/Speaker agrees to attend your event,‭ ‬a contract will be issued.‭ ‬A‭ ‬50%‭ ‬deposit is required,‭ ‬with the balance due just prior to the event.‭ ‬Comedian/Athlete/Speaker’s expenses will be billed afterward.‭ ‬Throughout the entire process,‭ ‬ Laser Star will continue to communicate with you about your Comedian/Athlete/Speaker’s appearance.‭ ‬We will work with you if any changes should arise.‭ ‬ Laser Star will handle ALL aspects of your Comedian/Athlete/Speaker’s appearance.

Question:‭ ‬Do we handle travel arrangements for the Comedian/Athlete/DJ/Speaker‭?‬
‬Answer: No,‭ ‬Laser Star works with a travel agency to secure airfare and hotel for the Comedian/Athlete/DJ/Speaker/Celebrity Talent.‭ ‬You are only responsible for ground transportation‭ (‬to and from airport,‭ ‬to and from hotel to event‭)‬.‭
‬ ‭
‬Question:‭ ‬If a Comedian/Athlete/DJ/Speaker is local to the event location,‭ ‬does the fee differ‭?‬
‬Answer: Every Comedian/Athlete/DJ/Speaker is different: ‬Some work for a flat fee; ‬others may give a discount of up to‭ ‬20%,‭ ‬if they are staying near home.‭
‬ ‭
‬Question:‭ ‬Does the fee change if the event goes long‭?‬
‬Answer: In most cases,‭ ‬yes.‭ ‬Comedians/Athletes/DJ's/Speakers generally agree to a time limit prior to the event‭ (‬1‭ ‬hour,‭ ‬2‭ ‬hours,‭ ‬half day,‭ ‬full day,‭ ‬etc.‭)‬.‭ ‬If the engagement runs long,‭ ‬most celebrities have their own set of guidelines as to what it will cost you. 

Question:‭ ‬What happens if my Comedians/Athletes/DJ's/Speakers has to cancel due to an emergency‭?‬
‬Answer: Laser Star Industries.Com will handle everything should an emergency arise.‭ ‬Should your comic have to back out last minute;‭ ‬we will do our best to get another comedian to your event.‭ ‬Once you book through Laser Star;‭ ‬you will not need to worry about anything.‭
‬ ‭
‬Question:‭ ‬Where can I get books,‭ ‬audio/video recordings of my Comedians/Athletes/DJ's/Speakers?‬
‬Answer: Laser Star Industries.Com can usually get you in touch with the publisher directly.‭ ‬In most cases,‭ ‬especially if you order in bulk,‭ ‬Laser Star will be able to get you a discount.
‬Question:‭ ‬Can we record the Comedians'/Athletes'/DJ's/Speakers' performances through audio or video‭?‬
‬Answer: Some Comedians/Athletes/Speakers have no problem whatsoever.‭ ‬Others prohibit recordings;‭ ‬and some will allow it; ‬but will charge an extra fee.‭ ‬It is extremely important to make all your wishes known prior to contract so we may include it in writing.‭
‬ ‭
‬Question:‭ ‬Will my Comedians/Athletes/DJ's/Speakers attend a VIP event either before or after the program‭?‬
‬Answer: Most will.‭ ‬Others charge an additional fee.‭ ‬Again,‭ ‬make certain to have this included in the contract; ‬so there is no confusion the evening of your event.‭
Required Forms: 

Artist/Author/Athlete/DJ's/Entertainer: Questionnaire                          (For Comedians/Comediennes/Musical Acts/Other Entertainers):

CONTACT INFO:                            ‭ ‬Date:________________

Artist Name:‭__________________________________________

Group Name(If Applicable‭)‬:‭______________________________

Company Name(If Applicable‭)‬:‭___________________________

Mailing Address:‭______________________________________

City/State/Zip:‭(‬Please use nine digit zip to insure accurate delivery‭)


E-Mail Address:‭______________________________________

Shipping Address:‭____________________________________

City/State/Zip:‭(‬Please use nine digit zip to insure accurate delivery‭)


Local Telephone:‭_____________________________________

Toll Free Telephone:‭___________________________________


Home Telephone:‭_____________________________________



Tax Information: ‭
‬Who is Check Payable To‭?‬:‭____________________________

SSN/Federal ID:‭______________________________________

Business Structure:‭ (‬Check One‭)

Corporation‭_____ ‬Partnership‭_____ ‬Individual‭_____

Description of Act: ‭


Length of Performance:‭________________________________

Multiple Set Structure,‭ ‬if applicable:‭ (‬example:‭ ‬4-45‭‘‬s or‭ ‬3-60‭‘‬s etc.‭)


Key Selling Points: ‭



Pricing Information:


Commissionable:‭ ‬Yes‭_____ ‬If Yes,‭ ‬What‭ ‬%‭_____ ‬No‭_____


Airfare:‭ ‬Yes‭_____ ‬If Yes,‭ ‬Coach‭_____‬ First Class‭_____

#‭ ‬Airfares:‭_____

Is First Class A‭ "‬Deal Breaker‭"? ‬Yes‭_____ ‬No‭_____

Hotel Room/s:‭ ‬Yes‭_____ ‬No‭_____‬ ‭ ‬#‭_____

Ground Transportation:‭ ‬Yes‭_____ ‬No‭_____


B/W Glossy Photo ‭(‬Lithograph Not Acceptable‭)

Video Tape  ‭(‬Absolutely,‭ ‬Positively Put Name/Date On Spine of Video‭!)

Brochure Bio (60-80‭ ‬words)

General Bio      


Contract Riders,‭ ‬If Applicable   ‭ ‬               

Reference List   ‭ 

Reference Letters‭ 

Newspaper Articles


Prospective Client/Booking Inquiry FormQuestionnaire

Your Full Name:_________________________________________  

Company Name:_________________________________________

Company Website:_______________________________________  


Phone Number:__________________________________________ 

Fax Number:____________________________________________

What is Your Budget Range? $   to $_____________________

(Comedian/Athlete/DJ's/Speaker’s Fees: Starting at $5,000)

 Which Comedian/Athlete/DJ's/Speaker, Would you like to Request?_______________________________________________________

Booking Information for a Specific Location or Special Services Desired??_______________________________________________           

Your Event Date(If unsure of exact date, give us an Estimated Date Range):_____________________________________________  

Event Venue:____________________________________________

Event Start Time (Estimated):       A.M. or   P.M.

Event Audience Size (Estimated):____________________________   

Brief Description/Additional Information on your event:  

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