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SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

This is a very important/invaluable/simple business concept; And yet one which few truly grasp:                              NEVER create a product and then attempt to attain clients/customers to sell your product to!                                 ALWAYS attain your clients/customers first! THEN create the product which solves a specific                                 problem or fulfills a specific need for your clients/customers!

Waiting For Your Website To Magically Appear?                           

You need to take action!

Are you looking for a professional SEO company to successfully establish your name/business/
company at the top of the search engines? Have you been attempting to rank in Google™
/MSN™/or Yahoo™?  Have you had little or no results? Possibly you are using incorrect/ 
ineffective/unsuccessful methods/procedures/techniques! Possibly you are uneducated/
uninformed As how to commence! Possibly the high cost of SEO/AdWords advertising is a great disadvantage/disincentive!

When commencing with a newly-built website: Many small business/company owners are of the 
inaccurate mentality: If you build it, they will come! The fact is: This will not occur! If you do not 
market/promote your site to attract search engine traffic: Your website will cost more financially 
than it profits you financially!

Quick SEO tips

Here are some quick tips you may implement immediately to improve your site’s ranking:

1. Title tags: One of the most important keys to ranking is the title tag! Make certain each page

has a unique Title Tag and use 2 – 3 keywords! Make the keywords so they create variations!

If you serve a specific local or regional market; it can also be helpful to list your main location in

the title tag! Using geo-modifiers helps you to rank more quickly and show up for more buying

keyword phrases.

2. Don’t over optimize: Do not over optimize the pages you want to rank well:  This is the main

cause of the “Google Sandbox Spam Filter”: The out-dated method to get a Site to rank was to

have the keyword in the domain/the title/the h1 tag/an h2 tag/and the first sentence bold/italicized:

When you do this; it is obvious to a search engine that you are trying to rank for this keyword:

Search engines aren’t “manipulation-friendly”; so you must be more subtle: If your Site is perfectly

optimized and you are moving up from #15 to #7 to #3; then suddenly you disappear; then you

have probably triggered this filter: There are  exceptions:  Sometimes the engine is recalculating:

Sometimes you are being filtered: Do not over optimize: You will be less likely to be filtered.

3.  Website speed: If your Website is slow; your visitors will notice; and they will probably leave

quickly: Make certain your Website loads quickly and does not have any problems displaying in

the most common browsers.

4.  Links to supporting pages: Many people know that link-building will help your Site to rank better:

However, most link-build the incorrect way: If you want a page to rank and not fall back quickly;

then you need to build quality links to links that link to you as well; but not from your Site: If all the

pages that link to your page are brand new and have no back-links of their own; then your page

is not going to rank; or it will not rank for very long: In addition to building links to your main

pages; you must build links to your links.

5. Engaging/fresh content: Needless to say, to rank well and continue ranking well requires

fresh/high-quality content on your Site. You must offer that which differentiates you from others!

You must make certain the content on your Site is engaging/fresh/high-quality/

informative/interesting/useful/valuable! If It Is: Your rankings will stick.

***Instead of establishing all of this by yourself: LET US HELP YOU! Do not waste more time!

Or you may click away from this page and continue producing mediocre results from your

search-engine rankings. Contact us We will help you produce 

superior results. 

Website Credibility:

Instilling credibility in your website!


For a client to invest her/his hard-earned money toward a website: He/she must have a                                                   strong level of trust in your business/company! Certainly there are different degrees/various 

levels of professionalism; based upon your target audience! However, there are not different 

degrees/various levels of trust! If/when providing private information; potential clients either 

trust you or they do not!


When starting an internet business/company: Portraying a high l

evel of professionalism is vital 

to the credibility o

f your website!

Stanford University has compiled 10 guidelines for building 

website credibility: These guidelines are based upon three (3) years of research that includes 

more than four-thousand-five-hundred (4,500) people: If you are seriously interested in building 

a solid online business/company;  I highly recommend implementing the methods outlined 

in these guidelines:

“People are motivated to buy based upon their emotions!”:  Robert Hess




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