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Website Marketing Pros A Global Leader... Our Company is a global leader in the area of online marketing instruction, mentoring & coaching. The CEO of the company (Gerald Van Yerxa) currently owns and operates what is regarded as the largest privately owned internet marketing mentoring and coaching platform in the world. Operating under the name of iMMACC (short for the Internet Marketing Mentoring & Coaching Center) that company has thousands of students from countries from all over the world. 

Website Marketing Pros is a cutting edge online marketing company that delivers "Custom Websites & Total Marketing Services For Businesses At Prices That Defy Comparison!" It represents the newest addition to the group of internet companies under the umbrella of Conasia Global Internet Inc. 

Rich History of Marketing & Advertising Success… Gerald Van Yerxa has also co-owned & co-managed a very successful group of privately owned radio stations in Western Canada with his younger brother. The radio group was headquartered out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That was a family business of 25+ years. The call letters of each station were CFCW-AM (which stands for Canada's First Country & Western radio station, CHRK-FM (a pop rock station formerly known as K-97), and CKRA-FM (a soft rock station formerly known as 96 K-Lite). He started in the radio & advertising business at the age of 19 in the footsteps of his father (the now deceased Hal Yerxa, who was inducted into the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame). The stations were sold to a multinational company called Newfoundland Capital for approximately $20 million dollars. 

John, Gerald's younger brother, continues to operate a separate FM radio station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada known as Hot 107

Additionally, Gerald owned and operated an advertising agency known as YMMC (Yerxa Multi Media Consultants) that was based out of Vancouver, British Columbia - and which specialized in all forms of print and electronic media. 

Other Business Experience… Gerald Van Yerxa has also had a deep involvement in the Network Marketing business arena. He was named a Top 100 distributor for Mannatech Inc., a 500 million dollar nutritional company that today boasts over several hundred thousand active distributors. 

He was also hired to launch 2 other global network marketing and direct sales companies; in both the nutritional supplement and skin care industries in the role of Communications & Marketing director.

Community Service… Gerald Van Yerxa is also a past president of the United Way in the city he lives in: Kamloops, British Columbia. Prior to that, he also held the position of United Way Campaign Chairperson for the city. 

His community service led to his being awarded the Pat Wallace Volunteer of the Year award for the City of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada for two consecutive years. 

He's is also a former director of tourism for the Province of British Columbia's High Country Region. 

Leadership, Experience & Family… Gerald's marketing & advertising background stretches back over 35 years and he's been marketing online and coaching both people and businesses in internet marketing since 1996. As a result, he brings a strong leadership presence and a formidable set of marketing skills to Website Marketing Pros as the active CEO and president of the company.

IMMACC and Website Marketing Pros... Solve all the pieces of “The Online Marketing Puzzle”! IMMACC and Website Marketing Pros are a complete Internet Marketing Supermarket; with all the ingredients to meet all your Marketing/Mentoring/Advertising needs; for any size business or for your personal entrepreneurial success!

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