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IMMACC History:    

IMMACC arrived January 2008! It was the brainchild of Gerald Van Yerxa, a successful entrepreneur from the marketing industry! Gerald brought his considerable professional/successful experience as the owner of a chain of radio stations/marketing firms/and as a successful network marketer to the Internet! 

IMMACC is: “Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center”! IMMACC has innumerable, invaluable products/services available for/to affiliates which enable/provide for dynamic/ effective/productive/professional/profitable/successful marketing! IMMACC provides dynamic/invaluable/significant training for/to fledgling marketers to learn the most dynamic/ effective/productive/professional/profitable/successful means by which to navigate the online world! Hundreds of hours of marketing video tutorials are available for/to IMMACC members! "Weekly Live Webinars" are available/provided; so that you may/so that you are enabled/so that you are provided the invaluable opportunity to ask questions and effectively/successfully communicate with Experienced Mentors! In 2011, when there are 700 plus hours of video tutorials covering virtually every aspect of online marketing; IMMACC training consists of 150 plus training theatres covering 51 plus different dynamic/effective/productive/professional/profitable/successful/methods/procedures/techniques of Internet!

This program is the product/result of 30 years plus of marketing experience by the founder, Gerald Van Yerxa! This program teaches the most dynamic/effective/productive/professional/profitable/successful methods/procedures/techniques to promote Internet Businesses/Companies! Virtually every entrepreneur knows that the Internet is built upon/composed of accounts/businesses/ clients/companies/customers which build/compose/profit from/provide/attain success with the Digital Economy! IMMACC strives to teach any and all business/company owners/clients/ customers how to more dynamically/effectively/productively/professionally/profitably/successfully drive traffic and close sales online!

IMMACC provides an incredible/invaluable affiliate opportunity! However, IMMACC does not strive to pull anyone out of her/his existing business/company! There are IMMACC members from virtually every degree/level/style/type of business/company! All learn how to harness the power of the search engines to capture leads; which "lead" to accounts/businesses/clients/companies/customers by implementing the most "cutting-edge"/dynamic/effective/productive/professional/profitable/successful Internet marketing methods/procedures/techniques available!

IMMACC members are provided access to invaluable training tutorials of 51 plus different methods/procedures/techniques of marketing: Including paid/low cost/and free traffic driving methods/procedures/techniques! The focus for most members is the free/organic methods/ procedures/ techniques of optimizing content for the search engines! There are many stories of dynamic/profitable/substantial success with many IMMACC members! 

Since many, new to the Internet; are "uneducated/uninformed" as to marketing online; most IMMACC members commence by marketing the affiliate program that comes free with a membership! Affiliates are able to make $1,000.00 or more dollars each time an IMMACC membership is marketed to a “budding” online entrepreneur! If that person chooses to market the affiliate program; he/she may make more than $1,000.00 on each sale; including the first sale! Her/his original sponsor makes a “matching override” of the same amount!

*This matching override is a compensation plan not established/not found in the affiliate-marketing world and provides for very dynamic/significant income potential for IMMACC members!*   

In 2012; the $2,300 - $5,000 plus $1,200 annual monthly fee for IMMACC membership has been discontinued and replaced with an extremely affordable monthly fee of $99.97! This includes our 7-Day No Risk/Money-Back Guarantee/unrestricted access/no contacts/cancellation-at-anytime/and instant-money-return! We offer the largest/most comprehensive Online Marketing/Mentoring Center globally; which we prove!  Since many new to the Internet; are "uneducated/uninformed"; as to marketing online; most IMMACC members commence by marketing the affiliate program; which is “free”/included with a membership! There are 3 ways in which you may benefit from our company: 1: Outstanding education in Online Marketing: Including 3 live Mentoring Webinars weekly: Plus: 2: Marketing the Global Affiliate Program; for which you receive $50.00 per referral; which earns you $600.00 per year! If you sell 10 Global Affiliate Programs; you receive $6,000.00 per year! If you sell 100; you receive $60,000 per year!  3: Direct Sales Program: Our Flagship Product! Receive $5,388.00 per year or more! If you sell 10 Flagship Products, you receive $53,880 per year! If you sell 100 Flagship Products, you receive $538,800! Note: The Global Affiliate Program/B.P.O.E. (New) and Our Flagship Product: Pay On-Going Residual Commissions! (Subject to IMMACC’S/Website Marketing Pros’ Terms/Conditions) *This compensation plan is not established/is not found in the affiliate-marketing world! It provides for an extremely dynamic/significant income potential for IMMACC members!*  IMMACC and Website Marketing Pros solve all the pieces of “The Online Marketing Puzzle”! IMMACC and Website Marketing Pros are a complete Internet Marketing Supermarket; with all the ingredients to meet all your Marketing/Mentoring/ Advertising needs; for any size business or for your personal entrepreneurial success!


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