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Our Mission:
is to assist aspiring/struggling entry level Entertainers/Stand-Up Comedians/
Professional Speakers/Entrepreneurial Product Marketers/Authors/Athletes/DJ's and Small Business Owners to reach their full potential.

Focusing on the key element: Exposure! Our goal is to become your future Booking Agent/trusted Entertainment Agency! We can help you get started quickly with low cost web site design. We can teach you how to market effectively online at little or no cost. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that will save you massive amounts of money on your way to receiving first page organic search results with the exposure you deserve.  

Internet Statistics For 2011

If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world. I tunes had 5 billion songs downloaded:  That’s 250 million a month! Facebook, My Space, You tube have 
25 times more viewers than ABC/NBC and CBS television networks combined: (10 million per month)! There are 1.8 billion desktop computers and 5.6 billion mobile devices worldwide. There are more people on Facebook than Google worldwide the ratio is 

Business Smart phone info: Apple iphone has 100,000 apps! Android is Google and has 10,000 apps. There are 6 billion mobile devices world wide and apple has just hit 10 billion in downloads 2/11. There are  6 billion mobile devices world wide and apple has just hit 10 billion in downloads as of 2/11.

200 million people are using Twitter. Using texting in your advertising campaigns has a 96% rate of getting viewed.

Google makes 4 billion a year in sales and 95% of that money comes from Adwords campaigns: Which has a targeted market of consumers searching for  your organic page  listing/your products!
(PPC) pay per click: Is when a consumer clicks on your advertisement campaign and accesses your web site.

Social Media is a set of marketing tools that will increase your personal branding! Holding live webinars is another great way to increase your credibility/trust: For consumer purchasers of your products.

Launches/press release distribution services are highly effective! Google spiders will search for them and increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) page rank positioning.   

There are now 6 billion mobile devices world wide and apple has just reached 10 billion in downloads 2/11.

Online marketing can be confusing/distracting: So it is not, youmust implement/place a strategic system! Creating a web site setting somewhere in cyber space is not going to provide the exposure you will need to be a success! Laser Star Industries offers a unique way for you to receive all the pieces of the online marketing puzzle at low cost

Laser Star Industries

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Laser Star Industries' Marketing Consultants' Services are available to assist aspiring entry level Entertainers/Stand-up Comedians/ Professional Speakers/Entrepreneurial Product Marketers/Authors/Athletes/DJ's and Small Business Owners! With proven methods/techniques to increase site traffic and online sales!

*  USA Independent IMMACC.Com Affiliate:
   Mr. Robert Hess.

*  Landing platform for affiliate IMMACC:

*  IMMACC: The acronym: represents: Internet        Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Center: 
   The Largest Online Educational Center.

*  Advise/Process: Online product education   
   center for affiliate 
IMMACC International.

*  Branding for individuals’/companies’ product          lines.

*  Proven methods/700 Hours of video tutorials:
   On how to be a
solid recruiter/top producer.

*  Develop businesses’/companies' websites             toward massive traffic.

*  Website design format development specialist       service.

*  People considering marketing their                         blogs/products/or service 

*  New webmasters who need to increase their         online resources.

*  Business owners interested in increasing site        traffic/sales. 

*  Business owners learn *for free* how to
   achieve top organic 
website search results.

*  Website owners with a desire to increase their       web-related
skills/key word density! 

*   Entrepreneurs with no products to sell:
    IMMACC provides you the 
opportunity to
    profit financially by marketing the
Affiliate Program! Once your  
    personal products are 
developed/prepared for
    marketing: IMMACC will 
    successfully assist in the establishment of
products to brand/market with world
    wide exposure! 

*   IMMACC'S training consists of 150 plus
     training theatres covering 
51 plus different            methods/techniques of internet.

*   Weekly live webinars in which you may ask           questions and effectively/successfully                   communicate with experienced mentors.

*   IMMACC is designed to effectively,   
    successfully assist all levles of
    From novices to seasoned professionals.

*   For information on the IMMACC Affiliate              Program: Please    Enter Your Information In
    The Contact Box On The Next Page, We 
Will        Forward Our Special Gift To You Of: 2 Free          Videos! 


    A STAR IS BORN!    

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